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Rite-Way Axle & Suspension - Over 50 years of great service & quality repair work

In 1964, Clarence and Dick Virchow believed that starting their own truck repair business was an ideal decision. The father-and-son duo had worked in the repair business for several years. During that time, they had formed great friendships and professional bonds with others in the field, which truly helped to build their new business.

Clarence and Dick opened their first shop on Glenoaks Boulevard in Sun Valley and were off to a great start. At first, the growing business specialized in small passenger cars but soon after, moved on to the repair of heavy-duty trucks. In 1971, when they moved their business to San Fernando Road, the larger facility enabled them to take on even bigger projects.

Over the years, Rite-Way Axle and Suspension developed a reputation for great service and quality repair work. Unfortunately, in 1982, Clarence passed away. The company forged on, business was booming, and Dick worked diligently to maintain Rite-Way’s hard-earned reputation. Years later in 1998, Dick Virchow retired from Rite-Way and his son, Kelly, took charge of the business.

Since then, Kelly and his wife, Nancy, have stayed true to the traditional values of high-quality work and service that Clarence and Dick fostered when they started Rite-Way more than 50 years ago. As a family owned business, Rite-Way has had the privilege of serving many of the same customers throughout the years — offering new and long-time customers reliable repair work, quality parts and service that meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

Rite-Way Axle and Suspension looks forward to repairing and maintaining your trucks, trailers and heavy duty vehicles. We truly believe there is only one way to do a job — the Rite-Way.

Sadly, Dick Virchow, passed away in October 2018. Dick will be remembered by many as hardworking, passionate, and diligent about his work.

We will honor the memory of Dick Virchow by staying true to the values he lived, and by keeping up the tradition of service at Rite-Way for another 50 years.